Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hologram Burke

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And now, on to the story!


Charlie McRoy had just bought a new kettle for himself. This one could only hold about a litre, but since he lived by himself, that was all good with him. It could boil water pretty quickly, so he could just relax in the kitchen and drink tea all day. It was rather nice.

And so he could sit there all day, taking sips and reading whatever he chose to. Retirement really was grand.

Charlie went to stand, but stopped when he saw a vaguely familiar man standing in front of him.

"Excuse me, what are you doing here?"

The man only responded by pulling a gun from his pocket and firing it into Charlie's chest.

The last thing Charlie thought that day was, "Damn, I wish I could have another tea right now."


The man stared down at Charlie's form before flickering out of existence. The only evidence left was the bullets in Charlie's body, and the shattered glass of the window.


Richard Caswell was having a pretty nice day. Thanks to the raise, he could afford a new pair of shoes, which he took the liberty of wearing every day, just like the pair he had bought before. Richard only ever owned two pairs of shoes at once, boots and slippers. The latter he only wore on very special occasions, like weekends.

His mood was only slightly ruined by the former body of Charlie McRoy.

"What information do we have on him, Mary?"

"Apparently McRoy here was a shareholder in a rather large company. After his retirement, he'd been living off of pension and dividends from the company."

"Smooth life. What about relatives?"

"Mostly good on that. Had two kids, a daughter who's now a lawyer, and a son who's gotten in trouble with the force before. Great mind, just put to the wrong uses."

"Do we know anything else?"

"His will mentions splitting what he had between his daughter and son."

"So, how did he die?"

"We assume that he was sitting in his chair, and someone shot him. Since we found boot prints inside, we believe someone came up on his right, and shot him."

Richard nodded, then took a look at the body. Then the shattered glass.

"I don't think so, Mary."


Ellen McRoy had just discovered that her father had been killed. Several bullets to the head. She had discovered this in the middle of a case too, so she managed to get a different lawyer for her client so she could spend the rest of the week by herself sitting on her couch watching chick-flicks and eating ice-cream.

Of course, after that, she'd call her pathetic brother who was probably lying in an alleyway, taking drugs and wasting his life away.

As she parked in front of her home, ready for the crying that was probably about to ensue, she noticed a few things.

1. The window was open.

2. The door was as well.

While the neighbourhood was probably one of the better ones in the area, there was still the occasional robbery, so Ellen prepared herself to feel the loss of some physical possessions along with emotional.

But when she entered, everything was in the same place. Apart from the man sitting in her chair that she knew all too well.

"Tupac? Holy shit, why is there a dead man in my house?"

"Let's just say some changes need to be made."

That was the last thing that Ellen heard before the bullet went through her head.


"Somebody really doesn't like the McRoy family."

Richard took a look around the house. Small, one person place, study, bedroom with en-suite bathroom, etc.

Also a dead body in the living room. Christ, was hard to go around without finding one these days.

Richard was there with his partner, Mary. They had taken to look around, and despite the footprints and lack of money, the home didn't seem to be that disturbed.

"Alright, so it's clear that they managed to get into the house, waiting in this seat here, ready to take the shot. That bullet went through her head, exiting and breaking the window."

"Sounds good, apart from one thing."


"The glass is on the inside."


Matthew McCoy had just managed to come upon quite a bit of money. His father had given in the will about half of his assets into the possession of Matthew, while the other half went to his stuck up sister. He didn't like that.

He also didn't like the fact that his sister was a stuck up snob who refused to lend him some money. He was dirt-poor, had nothing, and those assets wouldn't get him food, or other, more important things.

Thankfully, Matt was smart, so Matt could do a few things that normal people couldn't. This involved making sure that all of the will fell into his possession, one way or another.

"No officer, I have no idea what happened to my father, or sister. It's a shock to me, and I'm very sad about it."

"Really? Do you know the specifics of your father's will?"

"I know that it was meant to be split between me and my sister, sir."

"Actually, we've looked over, and we found that the late Mr. McRoy's wife is also eligible for her share of his possessions. He never specified specific items to each person, just a third of his wealth each."

"Really? Mom had a share?"

"It appears so. Maybe you two can get together and talk, since you are the surviving members of the family."

"Thank you officers for telling me."

"No problem, Matt." Richard stood up, making his way out of the small apartment Matt resided in. "My condolences about your loss."


Adeline Willow had just found out that her old, good for nothing ex-husband hadn't left her a dime. For his reason, Adeline found herself rather angry. She had done a hell of a lot for Charlie when he was alive, and even if they had parted on less-than-great terms, so what? She had still been a part of his life.

And so, Adeline uncorked another bottle of wine and got to finishing it, when she saw a foot from the corner of her eye.

"Oh, bloody hell, what do you want-"

Adeline stopped as soon as she saw who it was.

"God, you're that rapper, aren't you? The one my son always went on about. Bloody bastard, obsessed with you, now probably rolling in money..." Adeline took another swig from the bottle.

Tupac raised a gun, pointing it straight at her head. At this, Adeline stood up, and made a right hook towards Tupac's head. And passing right through it.

"Sorry, Ms. Willow? Would you please hit the ground?" Richard stepped out from behind the wall, walking past Adeline to a small mirror placed against her fireplace. Picking it up, he crushed it, causing Tupac to disappear.

"Bloody hell, a cop. What do you want? Here to take the rest of my possessions as well?"

"No, Ms. Willow. Just here to clean up."


"So give me the run down, Caswell."

"Well, we figured out early enough on that someone was actually making the shot from outside the house, and scattering around some evidence to make it look like an inside job. Unfortunately, he didn't do a good enough job."

"And you're saying that this Matthew McRoy was the one killing his own family?"

"Yep. Guess he wanted everything from the will."

"You also lied to him about Adeline recieving a share."

"I did. I thought it was necessary, since we could get some video evidence of him trying to kill Ms. Willow."

"Good job, Caswell. You can go back to your chair now."


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